Care Packs for People With Invisalign Aligners: 5 Essential Items to Include

Invisalign aligners are a great and relatively non-invasive way to straighten your teeth,and because you can take them out throughout your treatment period, many people prefer these aligners to traditional braces. If you are going to get invisalign aligners, consider making yourself a little care kit to make your experience easier and more convenient. Here are the items you should consider buying:

1. Denture case

When you receive your aligners from your orthodontist or dentist, he or she will likely give you a case for them. This case can be essential for securely holding your aligners while you eat, and unlike slipping your aligners into a napkin, the case protects them from damage and keeps them visible, ensuring you don't accidentally slip them into a garbage.

However, instead of using an invisalign case, opt to use a slightly larger denture case. That way, when you remove your aligners to eat, you can pop in a bit of liquid and a dissolvable retainer cleaning pill so that they get clean as you eat.

2. Water bottle

So that they always have water on hand to fill your denture case for soaking your invisalign aligners, include a water bottle in your care pack. This bottle also makes it easy to have a sip of water and wash your mouth out at any time.

3. Crochet hook

Unfortunately, many people find it hard to remove their invisalign aligners, especially the first day or two after receiving a new tray. To make it easier, carry a crochet hook in your care pack. The crochet hook can be gently slipped between the aligner and your teeth, making it easier to remove.

4. Wax

Although you can take your invisalign aligners in and out, there will be times where they seem to rub your mouth as you wear them. This is a relatively normal complaint, and you can soothe the agitation with a bit of wax. Simply rub the wax over the part of the aligner that is causing unwanted friction.

5. Straw

While you are wearing your invisalign aligners, you are not supposed to eat any food. However, you can drink as long as you use a straw to move the liquid behind your teeth. A straw prevents milk shake, juice, coffee, cocktails, or other beverages from getting on your invisalign aligners.

For your care pack, you can buy a pack of plastic disposable straws or just invest in a nice metal reusable one.

For more ideas, contact resources like South Side Dental Options.