Tips to Treating Halitosis

Halitosis does not only cause awkward social situations, but it could also have a negative effect on your dental health. If you are chronically suffering from bad breath, then chances are you are not correctly eliminating the bacteria in your mouth, and this could lead to rotting and loss of teeth. Working with your dentist to keep your teeth healthy is a big step toward ending halitosis. There are also a number of remedies that you could try to get rid of this ailment. However, in the event that you are still suffering from bad breath, you would be best advised to visit your dentist for medical treatment, as it could be a health condition causing the halitosis.

Increase your water intake

One of the reasons that you could be suffering from bad breath is dehydration. After eating, the microbes present in your mouth will continue to break down the tiny food particles that are lingering on your tongue and between your teeth. The by-products the microbes release typically have a bad odour, which makes your mouth smell. Saliva works toward cleaning your mouth and getting rid of this smell. However if you are not drinking enough water, then you will not have sufficient saliva to do this. The drier your mouth, the more dead cells and bacteria, and the more bad breath. By increasing your water intake, you increase your saliva. The oxygen in the saliva makes it harder for the bacteria to thrive; thus, they are neutralized.

Increase your zinc intake

Another cause for bad breath is when you have a zinc deficiency. The less of this mineral in your system, the less capable your body is of healing and getting rid of inflammation. Since zinc has antimicrobial properties, it works toward eliminating microbes in your system and neutralizing bacteria. There are various ways that you can increase your zinc intake. For one, you can incorporate foods such as cacao, pumpkin, and organ meats into your diet. Alternatively, you could opt to purchase zinc supplements and take them as recommended, then wait to see a difference in your halitosis.

Flush your system with stinging nettle

Halitosis can also be caused by a build-up of toxins in the body. These toxins include heavy metals, accumulation of yeast in your system and more. To detox your body, you would need to alter your diet. One of the herbs that is known for its detoxifying properties is stinging nettle. This plant stimulates your lymphatic system, which in turn purifies your blood. In addition, your body's adrenal system is enhanced, and this could help to cure you of bad breath.