Can I Have a Root Canal and Dental Crown Done on one Tooth on the Same Day?

Modern dentistry has come so far that dentists today have more freedom in terms of how they treat their patients than ever before. Dentists are able to tailor their approach now, whereas in the past, the limitations of dental procedures required that a strict regime be adhered to. That is why some dentists will happily do a root canal procedure and permanent crown placement on the same day, while others will break up the two procedures into 2-3 separate appointments.

Of course, there are certain variables which affect a dentist's decision as to whether a same day crown will work. As a patient, you should be up to speed with the possibilities so that you can take some part in how your dental treatment is carried out.

Infections can Reoccur

Some dentists prefer to split the procedure into two separate appointments. This is to ensure that there is no reoccurrence of infection within the tooth on which the root canal was performed. On occasion, infection might flare up again if not all the infected tissue in a root canal was successfully removed the first time.

In this instance, a dentist will send you away for a week or two with a temporary crown. When you return for the second appointment, the dentist will fill the root canal with composite resin and add the permanent crown.

The Presence of an Abscess Requires Two Appointments

Likewise, if a tooth is abscessed, which means the nerve is already dead and pus is seeping into the root canal, then the infection should first be removed with antibiotics before the crown is placed. This will require 2-3 weeks in most cases.

Some Dentists Will do Both in one Appointment

It is possible to have both the root canal done and the permanent crown placed on the same day but this depends on the experience of the dentist. Provided your dentist is satisfied that the root canal therapy is a complete success, i.e. all infection has been removed, then they can seal the canal and place a permanent crown the same day.

This can be done using Cerec, or computer created crowns instead of lab-made crowns. Rather than take an impression of your tooth as is normal for a lab made crowns, the dentist will scan your tooth with a camera. The computer then has a 3-D image with which it can create a crown for your tooth. However, not all dentists provide this service as it is a relatively new technology.

If you wish to have your permanent crown placed the same day as your root canal is performed, it can be done. You may, however, need to seek out another dentist if your own dentist does not offer this service.