What Are The Stages Of Dental Care In Children?

As a new parent, there are an abundance of things that you have to learn every single day about your baby; it can be quite overwhelming. It is also easy to overlook or just be unaware of some issues too, and this could be to the detriment of your child. One aspect that is typically underrated by a majority of newbie parents is dental care. The reason behind this is that some people believe that as long as their child has no teeth, they do not have to worry about their oral hygiene yet. In truth, there are three main stages of dental care and knowing what is required of you can help prevent dental diseases. So what are the stages of dental care in kids?

Oral hygiene when they are toothless

While you enjoy the gummy smiles of your little bundle of joy, it is also critical to make sure that you are taking measures to protect them from undue infections. Oral care at this baby stage is quite simple but ignoring it altogether could mean your child's mouth remains unclean and vulnerable to bacteria. Irrespective of the fact that your baby's primary form of sustenance at this time is milk, you should still take the time to clean out their mouth at least a couple of times during the day. Never use a toothbrush on their fragile gums though. Instead, wrap some sterilised gauze around your index finger, dip it in some water and wipe their gums and tongue to eliminate residue.

Oral hygiene when teething

Teething can be quite a stressful period for both you and your baby. Your child will be enduring extreme discomfort, and this can subsequently make it very difficult for you since you'll likely have to deal with tantrums and crying fits. Nonetheless, oral care should not go ignored in an attempt to avoid hurting your child. During the teething stage, it is critical to keep the emerging teeth clean so that their sore, raw gums do not succumb to opportunistic infections. At this stage, the cleaning can be done with a cold, sanitary wet cloth, which you can allow them to chew on once you are done. Secondly, you should also consider managing the pain and discomfort they are feeling by applying a numbing agent after each cleaning session.

Oral hygiene when milk teeth emerge

The emergence of milk teeth marks that the time has come for their first dentist appointment. By starting these visits early, your dentist gets the opportunity to monitor the progress of your child's baby teeth and catch any potential problems before they fester. Additionally, it is also time to start forming a regular oral care routine with your child that trains them on how to brush their teeth and acquire good dental care habits.