Why See Your Dentist Before Using a Home Whitening Treatment?

If you've decided to buy an over-the-counter home whitening treatment to bleach your teeth, then you may be raring to go. The thought of having whiter teeth is exciting, after all.

However, before you get started, it's worth seeing your dentist to talk to them about your decision. Why is this a good idea?

Check For Possible Problems

The home whitening kits you buy in stores are generally safe. As long as you buy a kit from a reputable source, like a pharmacy or store, then the kit shouldn't do any harm.

However, you should check out the overall health of your teeth and gums before you try to bleach your teeth. You may think they are fine, but your dentist can give you a more in-depth assessment. This helps you decide if home whitening is the best option for your teeth.

For example, if you have problems with your gums or with tooth sensitivity, then bleaching agents can make these problems worse. You should also think carefully about whitening your teeth if you need to have work done on them, like getting fillings.

Your dentist can look for potential issues and discuss them with you. You'll be better informed before you start the whitening process if you do decide to go ahead.

Give Advice on Possible Results

During the check, your dentist can also point out problems in your mouth that may impact on the whitening results you end up with. You may have areas on your teeth that won't bleach.

For example, if you have a filling on a front tooth, then it won't whiten. So, you may need to plan to have the filling removed after you've bleached your teeth to make it match your new colour shade. Stains can also affect bleaching coverage and may need to be removed before you whiten your teeth.

Your dentist can also give you advice on the results you can expect from a home whitening kit. While nobody can give you an exact estimate of how white your teeth will be, your dentist will have a pretty good idea of how much improvement you're likely to see if you tell them which kit you want to use.

While you're talking to your dentist, ask about their teeth whitening treatments. If your teeth or gums might be affected by bleaching or if your results are likely to be disappointing, then getting your dentist to whiten your teeth could be a safer and more effective option.