5 Incredible Benefits of Dentures

Losing even a single tooth can have detrimental effects on how you eat, smile or even speak. Losing teeth has an even bigger physiological and psychological impact. Thankfully, there are multiple solutions available for missing teeth. Dentures are removable dental appliances that replace missing teeth. They help restore the appearance and function of your smile. Their design involves a plastic or metal plate with prosthetic teeth attached to it. The prosthetic teeth are created to mimic your existing teeth in terms of colour, size and shape.

Continue reading for five incredible benefits of dentures. 

They're Made to Fit Your Mouth

Dentures are created specifically for your mouth. This means that you'll get the best and most comfortable fit, ensuring that you can eat and talk normally without experiencing any discomfort. The dentist takes a mould of your mouth and creates an exact replica of your teeth. If your jawbone goes through any changes over time, the dentist can just create a new pair to fit your mouth. 

They're Easy to Clean

Dentures are removable. This means that to clean them, you have a full view of all their corners and crevices. You can maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine with very little effort. You need to use a soft-bristled toothbrush along with a special denture cleaner to remove plaque and bacteria that could cause gum disease. 

They Preserve Your Facial Structure

Your bone structure has a major effect on the way your face looks. Losing most of your teeth affects your face's appearance. However, dentures can help you restore the shape if the damage is already done. If you haven't yet lost your facial structure, dentures can prevent it from happening and preserve your facial structure, since they're designed to preserve the structure you had before the loss of your teeth. 

They're Quite Versatile

Dentures are available in different types. For instance, you can opt for partial or full sets depending on your needs. Full dentures are the preferred option for patients who've lost most if not all of their teeth, while partial dentures help fill gaps of the missing teeth. Implant-supported dentures are a good solution for patients who want a non-removable denture. 

They Help Restore the Function of Your Teeth

In the past, the role of dentures was primarily to help with chewing. However, modern-day dentures are made to be comfortable and fully functional. The dentist will ensure that your dentures sit properly with very little slipping, ensuring that you feel confident during activities like talking and chewing.

Dentures are a great treatment option which will give you the look, feel and function of natural teeth. If you need denture services, contact a dentist in your area.