3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Postpone Periodontist’s Appointment Anymore

Many people know that it is essential to follow the right oral healthcare procedures. However, few people are willing to follow the necessary steps to keep their teeth in excellent condition at all times. Gum disease is one of the most common dental health complications. You get gum disease when the tissue surrounding the teeth becomes inflamed and forms wounds. The condition is preventable and also treatable, as long as you have the right periodontal care. 

Sadly, many people postpone treatment when they have gum issues because they believe that the pain and inflammation might go away independently. Here are three reasons why you shouldn't delay your appointments with the periodontist. 

1. When You Need to Remove a Tooth

Few people think about the possible consequences of having their teeth removed. They make an appointment with a dentist and pull the tooth, then hope for fast recovery. However, regular tooth extraction can lead to issues like trauma to the bones and tissue surrounding the tooth and damage that might make it impossible to get a dental implant. Wrong tooth extraction can also lead to additional surgeries to fix the damage.

A periodontist understands all these potential problems. They will check your physical condition and ensure that you do not have an abscess or pus on any problematic tooth. If you have these issues, they will know a great way to extract the tooth without worsening the situation.

2. When You Have to Repair Lost Bone

Losing a tooth is complex. You will get into more significant issues when you do not follow the right procedures to heal after the extraction process. For example, you will lose bone density around the part of the jawbone where a tooth got extracted. The bone loss might make it hard to receive a dental implant in the future, and you might need to repair the bone first.

A periodontist will help you minimize the damage and loss in bone density caused by tooth loss. 

3. When You Need Grafting and Tissue Sculpting

Another typical case where you might need a competent periodontist is when you need a grafting or tissue sculpting procedure. Both procedures prevent further loss of your gum tissue. They also protect you from tooth decay and loss.

The periodontist specialises in these procedures. They will help you preserve your teeth, gum, and jawbone.

The crucial thing is finding a competent periodontist who understands how to perform all these procedures. With their help, you will get a beautiful smile and healthy gums.

Reach out to a periodontist today for more information.