Passing Good Oral Hygiene Habits to Your Kids

Daily brushing and flossing are essential components of a healthy oral hygiene routine. As an adult, you've had many years to perfect your technique. Here are some tips that can help you pass onto your kids the good habits you've built up. 1. Check Your Technique Before you start giving tooth-brushing lessons, take the opportunity to give your technique a tune-up. Hold your toothbrush gently between your fingers, rather than gripped in your fist, and move it over each of your teeth in turn, being careful to brush the backs, fronts, and chewing surfaces. Read More 

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Postpone Periodontist’s Appointment Anymore

Many people know that it is essential to follow the right oral healthcare procedures. However, few people are willing to follow the necessary steps to keep their teeth in excellent condition at all times. Gum disease is one of the most common dental health complications. You get gum disease when the tissue surrounding the teeth becomes inflamed and forms wounds. The condition is preventable and also treatable, as long as you have the right periodontal care. Read More 

Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Two dental specialists who offer dental implant treatments are periodontists and prosthodontists. Visit them if you have missing teeth that you want to replace, and listen to the available treatment options. The dentists may mention dentures, dental implants and dental bridges. These are all great options, but dental implants offer the best aesthetics. Here are answers to some of the questions you might have about dental implants: Are Dental Implants Worth It? Read More 

Everything You Need to Know About Braces

If you have crooked, misaligned, overlapping or overcrowded teeth, your dentist will recommend braces, but he or she has to examine your teeth and request for an X-ray first. This is important in identifying the braces that will best treat you and do so quickly. Here is everything you need to know about braces: Braces Selection Your dentist may inform you that there are different types of braces, which may differ in how they look, how they work, how they are placed on your teeth and their price. Read More 

Dental Care and Choosing a Family Dentist

Your mouth and its parts (lips, tongue and teeth) form an essential part of your body. They make it possible to speak, smile, eat, drink and laugh. If you have an ailment, especially in your teeth or tongue, it might be difficult for you to smile, laugh, speak, eat or drink. It might also make you uncomfortable, especially if your mouth is painful or severely swollen. That is why it is always recommended to take care of your teeth. Read More