The Pinhole Surgical Technique: A Guide

Traditional methods of treating acute cases of receding gums use a tissue graft from a healthy part of the gum or mouth to cover the exposed roots of the teeth. This procedure involves cutting away a section of tissue. As well as being painful, this treatment requires an extended period of recovery. Another drawback of the traditional treatment for receding gums is that it can only repair a few teeth at a time, meaning that if the problem was widespread, a patient might have to undergo several operations. Read More 

Loose Dentures: Your Options

Are your dentures feeling loose? There are two main ways to make your dentures fit better. If they are slightly loosening, you could make do with a simple adhesive. However, if they are really starting to lose their fit, it may be time to think about getting them relined. These useful guidelines will help you decide which method is best for you.  Denture Adhesives  These work well on dentures that still fit relatively well but are slightly loosening. Read More 

3 Unusual Ways to Improve Your Dental Health

While you probably know that it is possible to improve and maintain your dental health by brushing your teeth, flossing and avoiding sugary food and drink, you may not be aware of some of the more unusual ways you can boost your oral health. Below is a guide to 3 lesser known ways you can fight tooth decay, gum disease and other dental health problems. Occasionally Drink Tea While drinking excessive amounts of tea can cause staining of your teeth, having the occasional cup is a great way to boost your oral health. Read More 

Three tips for making a dental first aid kit for your children

Most parents have a well-stocked first aid kit at home and regard it as a vital asset when a child has a small injury. A dental first aid kit is no less crucial for a well-prepared family, particularly if you live in a remote location without emergency dental services. Check out these three tips for making your own dental first aid kit for your family. Select items based on your family's dental needs Read More 

When It May Be Time to Visit a Denture Clinic

Dentures are very durable and should last for many years, but of course they're not actually indestructible. They can get damaged or simply suffer some wear over time, or you may need to have them refitted as your jaw shape changes with age. In these cases, a trip to a denture clinic can often be needed in order to fit you with new dentures or make repairs to your current set. Read More