Two signs that it’s time to go for a dental check-up

There are a number of signs which can indicate that you may be in need of a dental check-up. Here are two such signs. You have chronic halitosis If you suffer from chronic halitosis (otherwise known as bad breath), even though you brush and floss your teeth very thoroughly at least twice a day, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible. The reason for this is as follows; bad breath which does not go away even after brushing and flossing is often an indication of a dental health problem called gingivitis. Read More 

Do You Need Denture Adhesive? Here Are the Top Three Times You Should Have It On Hand!

If you have new dentures, you might assume that denture adhesive will always be a daily part of your life going forward. However, dentures and dental adhesive aren't necessarily an automatic pair—you may not even need it all the time, in fact. Below, you'll learn about the top three situations where denture adhesive is needed.  Whilst Getting Used to New Dentures Whilst dealing with new dentures, you're more likely to need denture adhesive. Read More 

Wondering if Invisalign Clear Braces Are Right For You? Here’s What You Should Know!

As you consider your teeth straightening options, you might wonder whether Invisalign clear braces can work for you. Whilst teeth straightening without metal braces is possible for many patients, it's not right for everyone. Read below to learn whether you might be a good candidate for Invisalign. How Severe Is Your Teeth Alignment Problem? Your orthodontist will evaluate your teeth alignment problems to determine whether you're a good candidate for teeth straightening with Invisalign. Read More 

Treatment From Your Dentist During Pregnancy

It is the general opinion that during pregnancy a woman strives to be extra aware of her needs for maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, along with what she needs to add to her routine to achieve the highest degree of health and well-being for her unborn child. However, most women may not in fact be completely aware of the connection between good oral hygiene and pregnancy. It is important that every expecting mother becomes aware of the impact that certain factors can have upon their unborn baby. Read More 

Family Dental health: How to Maintain Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

Dental health is among the last things that pregnant mothers think about. During your pregnancy, your primary focus is on the little bundle of joy growing inside you. That and the hormonal and physical changes that occur in your body are enough to take all your attention. However, maintaining oral health is critical throughout the pregnancy period. The many changes in the body can increase certain oral risks that could cause long-term consequences for you and your child. Read More