Why Does Your Dentist Want to Add Tooth Mousse to Your Whitening Treatment?

While you may have tried a tooth whitening treatment at home, you may not have been massively impressed with the results. Your teeth may have bleached a little but not as much as you wanted; you may also have had sensitivity problems during and after using a home whitening kit. If you've now asked your dentist to try a professional treatment, then you may be hoping for much whiter teeth and less sensitivity. Read More 

Reasons Why a Family Dentist Will Be Invaluable to Your Household

Most people can concur that they do not like paying a visit to the dentist. As a result, they only prioritise seeing this professional when they have something seriously wrong with their teeth or gums. However, this approach can be incredibly painful, since you will only be seeing a dentist when it is an emergency. And seeing a dentist only when a dental issue has become aggravated will be hard on your wallet too! Read More 

When Can You Exercise After an Implant Post Procedure?

The treatment you have to fit a dental implant works in stages, and it can take some months. If you need a tooth removed, then this happens first; once that is healed, a post is placed in your gum. When the post has fixed itself in place, the implant tooth is fitted. The most important part of this process is often the placement of the post. An implant post is inserted into your bone; it needs time for bone to grow around it before it will be strong enough to hold a false tooth. Read More 

Why See Your Dentist Before Using a Home Whitening Treatment?

If you've decided to buy an over-the-counter home whitening treatment to bleach your teeth, then you may be raring to go. The thought of having whiter teeth is exciting, after all. However, before you get started, it's worth seeing your dentist to talk to them about your decision. Why is this a good idea? Check For Possible Problems The home whitening kits you buy in stores are generally safe. As long as you buy a kit from a reputable source, like a pharmacy or store, then the kit shouldn't do any harm. Read More 

Don’t Try This at Home! The Dangers of DIY Teeth Whitening

From lemons and baking soda to strawberry paste, websites abound with remedies for stained teeth. However, these whitening home treatments are no match for teeth whitening carried out by a professional cosmetic dentist. As well as being relatively ineffective, so-called 'natural' teeth whitening treatments could seriously damage your teeth. Here are three remedies you should stay away from in order to protect your teeth. 1. Strawberries: Not So Sweet for Teeth Read More